General conditions for the use of

The following conditions apply to the use of Fishtrip ApS, (hereafter the "Company") Website at ("Website"). By using and visiting the Website you accept the following terms and all other conditions set forth or referred to the Website. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS, PLEASE LEAVE THE WEBSITE.

Rights to the Website

Name rights and trademark

All names, logos and trademarks on the Website belongs to the Company, its affiliates or partners and may be used only with prior permission from the Company.

The Website content such as text, graphics, icons, images, audio files and software belongs to either Company or its partners and are protected under the copyright law and other legislation.

Copying, dissemination and downloading

Unauthorized copying, distribution, or public presentation of the Website or its contents is in violation of copyright law and may result in both civil and criminal penalties. It is also not allowed to remove messages on the Website or materials available regarding copyright or similar.

Downloading and other digital copying of the contents of the Website or parts thereof is only permitted for personal, non-commercial use, unless otherwise agreed with the Company.

Contributions from users

All materials, information or other types of communication received from users on the Website will be considered non-confidential, non-exclusive and shall not entitle the sender to royalties. The Company may freely use such material received, information, etc., including through licensing of their exploitation.

The Company has the right to freely upload, copy, distribute, incorporate, modify and / or otherwise use the communications, together with all data, images, sounds, text and other things embodied therein for any and all commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Booking and payment

Latest at the time of payment for a reservation on a fishing boat, any special conditions has to be accepted as the final price must be reported before payment can be made. Each provider determines prices and any specific conditions individually, and the Company has no influence on this or responsibility.


There are special conditions on each fishing boat for cancellation.

If the special conditions allowing for cancellation, the special conditions are made by writing us at or by phone +45 50155196. Remember to specify the order number and e-mail address by written cancellation. The Company will endeavor to return the amount paid within 5 working days after cancellation is received.


The company and Website acts as an independent intermediary to establish binding agreements between users and providers of fishing boats. The Company is not responsible for either users or providers actions or omissions in connection with any service that may be related to, or otherwise may be associated with the Company or the Website.

Information on the Website is given without any express or implied warranty as to the accuracy or completeness thereof. The Company is additionally entitled at any time, without prior notice to change the content of the Website or the services described therein and products.

Communication between the Company and users without the use of digital signatures is the Company without liability if the information changed or corrupted during transmission, or if unauthorized persons gain access to it.

If links to a third-party website, you do so without any liability to the Company for the content of the page being linked to.


The Company shall in no event be liable for use of the Website or provider actions or omissions, including for loss of profits, business interruption or loss of data, business interruption or other direct or indirect loss.

The user agree that the Website shall be used solely for lawful purposes and that it is not allowed to do anything that may damage the Website, including adding or removing anything from the Website or attempt to gain access to parts of the Website that is not meant for the user. The user may not use the Website in a manner that is contrary to the rights of third parties.

Neither users nor providers are covered by the Companys insurance. The Company recommends that all users even draw proper insurance and all providers even draw proper liability insurance.


Any complaints about a fishing trip should be directed to the provider. The Company can assist with the to the provider’s contact details, but this does not in any way involve the Company in the agreement concluded between the fisherman and provider.

Personla data

The Companys processing of personal data shall comply with the data legislation. Users can contact the Company if they want information on what data is held about them, or if users want the information deleted or corrected. We also recommend reading our Privacy Policy.


Username and password

The user is obliged to treat any username and password confidential and must not disclose it to others.

It is not allowed to try to gain access to the Website without a legitimate user name and password.

Closing account

The Company reserves the right to permanently or temporarily suspend a user account for breach of these general terms.

Changing conditions

The Company has the right at any time to review these conditions. The Company reserves the right in its sole discretion and without notice to remove the information on the Website, and to dismantle the Website.


If any part of these Conditions should be deemed unlawful or invalid and thus unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remainder of the conditions.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Danish law governs any conditions and any dispute that may arise based on the use of the Website. However, the Danish rule of private international law does not apply.

Any dispute arising out of the use of the Website shall be settled by the Danish courts.

Special conditions for Providers and other providers of services in Fishtrips platform

By signing up and using Fishtrip (hereinafter the "Company") providing you accept the following special conditions for providers and the then-current general conditions of use of

Speciel terms

If the provider has special conditions for cancellation of reservation or require a fee at the show, which differ from the Companys standard terms, the provider must clearly draw attention to these specific clauses related to the provision of services on the platform.

The Company reserves the right to engage in dialogue with the provider as making unfair or otherwise non-proportional terms.

The Company may, without reason, delete services offered on the platform where the Company believes that the services offered do not meet the Company's requirements for offering or the Company's platform, ideology and business concept in general. A provider whose services will be deleted from the platform will be announced before deletion, unless deletion is necessary to protect the Company, the provider itself, other providers or users.

A provider's own specific clauses can not change the Company's right to administrative fee.


The Company imposes an commission fee of 20% on all services sold via In special circumstances, the management fee individually adjusted in agreement with the provider.


The Company will, within five (5) weekdays following a fish trip benefit accounting to the provider by making bank transfer of the gross amount reported by the provider, for the provision of the service.

Provider may at any time have the right to or interest in the imposed administrative fee, cf. above which flow to the Company fully and finally.

The Company reserves the right to set off amounts paid.


It is mandatory for providers with appropriate insurance. The Company has no responsibility and liability in any context.


Provider and the Company is not part of a partnership or is in any way legally connected other than as general contractors. However, there is a customary duty of loyalty to the parties to honor this agreement, including by not undermine each others business.


Providers can use the Companys name and logo and other marketing material published by the Company, to publicize the Company and provider itself.

All marketing of digital media in which the Companys name and logo used must be approved by the Company prior to publication thereof may be allowed.


Disputes arising between a provider and a user are not a part of the Company’s responsibility. The Company assists alone to establish contact between the parties, but may not be involved in any disputes.

13th og April 2015