Lush green islands lie like pearls on a string in the blue waters of the South Funen Archipelago. But don’t let the idyllic surroundings fool you. Under the surface the sea trout reigns and gives anglers, skilled as well as novices, unique opportunities to catch the fishing trophy of the year. The area is characterized by rocky coastlines, crystal clear streams and countless channels and reefs in the sea bed. These elements combined make the location magnificent for anglers and fish alike.

The particularly favorable conditions for the sea trout has for the last 20 years been a case of priority for the local authorities. Measures have been taken to protect and improve the fish environment and there is an on-going effort to support sustainable and rewarding fishing all year round. In the spring months you can cast your line from the shore assured that there is a great chance of catching the tasty trout as it is hunting for prey in the shallow waters - hungry after the long Nordic winter. In all weather conditions it may be possible to find trout-filled stretches. The coast of Funen is ideal for spin fishing as well as bombarda and fly-fishing, and all three types of fishing are favorable for catching trout. Spin fishing and fly fishing both work great with a nine-foot rod and a broad arsenal of lures and flies - choose the fiery colors for the warm and lazy days. Cod and different flatfish species are also frequent visitors around here. In the warm summer, you can successfully catch glittering sea trouts at sea, as the fish move toward colder surroundings. Through Fishtrip you can book an experienced guide who can lead the way in the varied coastal terrain ranging from quiet coves with shallow waters to breathtaking bays with deep water and strong currents. If you long for even deeper water then go to sea with one of Fishtrip’s local skippers who maneuver their fishing boat straight towards the catch.