The white chalk cliffs also known as “Møns Klint” are rising vertically from the Baltic Sea. Dramatic and beautiful indeed, but the wondrous waters surrounding the island are much more than just a pretty sight. They challenge and reward anglers at all levels with limitless possibilities for exciting fishing adventures.

Møn is famous for its spectacular coastline that stretches as far as the eye can see, and gives promise of sparkling sea trout nearby. From the end of April to mid-June you can also encounter the garfish - a strong fighter that can provide spectacular sport, but also has a reputation for being easily hooked. The world famous brackish water pike is frolicking in the clear lagoons and fjords and is catchable from both coast and boat. Heavyweights ready to give every angler a fight from mid-summer until autumn. August is the month for catching the fast swimming mackerel and there is also a chance of being lucky with a grey ghost when the mullets swim close to the coast until September. And no it is not just another fish story. The shores offer great diversity in depth and bottom conditions, why it is always possible to find a perfect spot for spin or fly throughout the seasons. You will often find the brackish water pike, the garfish and the mullet in shallow waters, whereas mackerel and sea trout are found at larger depths. In the summertime, however, they can be caught from the shore at the south and east-facing coasts, since the depths here are relatively large. Fishtrip can help you get closer to your desired fish and improve your chances of a good catch by offering boat rentals for your pike fishing and experienced guides, who can point the way to even the most wily trout. We have teamed up with local experts to offer you the best possible framework for an amazing fishing trip.