Lillebælt connects the Baltic Sea with the Kattegat. Here, large quantities of salt water run from the Kattegat to the Baltic Sea, while brackish water runs back from the Baltic Sea. The large quantities of water are transported through the narrow waters of the deep Little Belt, which consequently has a strong current.

Lillebælt and its adjacent fjords, coves, and bays offer opportunities for extremely varied coastal angling. There are great variations in the depth of the water, from 1 to 3 metres in some shallow coves to areas with really deep water right next to the shore where you can cast your fishing rod over water with a depth of up to 30 metres! This guarantees fantastic fishing for amateur fishermen of all ages and levels 365 days a year. The deep waters offer good fishing opportunities for species of fish, which are normally fished from a boat. Other species of fish – especially sea trout and garfish – are further attracted by Kolding Fjord, Gamborg Fjord, Baaring Vig, Føns Vig and many of the regional bays with shallow waters, reefs and mild currents. The different fishing places where you can catch sea trout, codfish and flatfish throughout the year, and during the season - mackerel, garfish and herring - are a short distance from each other. Shoals of garfish enter Lillebælt in May and stay here until September. The fishing is best in May and June. From time to time, many garfish are caught on the same day. You can use a sea trout spinner or fly fishing tackle. Lightweight tackle is most fun because a large garfish weighs 0.7-1 kg. If you are fishing from the pier or from a dinghy or boat, you could possibly use a slender float instead. Enjoy the natural surroundings, your fellow fishermen and nature lovers, and please take as good care of the Little Belt as we do it. Tight lines!