Like a promising passage between the salty Kattegat and the sweeter waters of the Baltic Sea Øresund always leads to great fishery. Here fishing boats sail between the Riviera of North Zealand and the sandy white beaches of southern Sweden.

The narrow sound that hides stories of past disputes between the neighboring countries is now an arena of duels between passionate fishermen and strong-willed cod. The waters offer endless natural variations from sandy bays to exposed bedrock, creating a true fishing mecca year-round. The busy strait is famous for its endless shoals of herring and renowned for its big battle-ready cod. The fishery in this region is one of the finest and most varied Denmark has to offer and a day at the sound will rarely send you back to shore empty-handed. No matter the time of year, Øresund is always in season. Springtime is garfish-time. The slender fish announces its arrival from far away and stays around for the summer. It is soon joined by the full-fat mackerel, the coalfish and the jumping cod. This crowd is often caught in the shallower waters. Different kinds of flatfish hiding at the bottom of the narrow strait, is also a great summer catch. Autumn kicks off with the characteristic shoals of herring, which presents itself as feasts for fishermen as well as bigger fish. Fishing for herring is often an eye-opening experience for novices when the rig fills with plentiful herring every time the rod is cast. Cod and herring can cope with the winter cold, as they have now grown into full fat - they are caught with jigs and is a tasty treat. Year round fishing boats cast off and go out from the ports from Copenhagen to Elsinore and there is always professional fishing expertise on board. Fishtrip’s partners will escort you to the proper depths and the skippers always know the shortcuts to the favorite fishy hideouts.